Mads Gravlund, CEO, Gravlund Industrigummi A/S:


We specialize in development and production of all kinds of custom-made technical rubber solutions. Through client collaboration, we find the right solution and with more than 60 years of experience within the rubber industry, as well as a solid network of European rubber mixing plants, we have valuable expertise in terms of design, functionality and the choice of material.


Flexibility, quality and service are the keywords to a good partnership and we excel in having our in-house production facility in Ballerup, which makes us able to react quickly.

GUMMI / Gravlund Industrigummi A/S - Teknisk Gummi

Top credit rating

Gravlund Industrigummi A/S
Gravlund Industrigummi A/S


Gravlund Industrigummi A/S Gummi/metalforbindelser

Casting of solid

rubber/metal compounds

Gravlund Industrigummi A/S Gummivalser gummihjul gummiruller
Gravlund Industrigummi A/S Udstansede gummiemner

Rubber rollers, rolls and wheels

Punched rubber parts,

rubber rolls and rubber sheets

Parts approved for

the food industry (such as FDA)


technical rubber solutions


Gravlund Industrigummi A/S Fødvaregodkendt gummi
Gravlund Industrigummi A/S Gummikomponenter
Gravlund Industrigummi A/S Gummipakninger

European top quality

extruded rubber sections

Rubber plugs

Membranes and bellows

Gravlund Industrigummi A/S Gummiprofiler
Gravlund Industrigummi A/S Gummipropper gummipropper
Gravlund Industrigummi A/S Gummimembraner Gummibælge


Prototype development

and special technical solutions

Design parts

Gravlund Industrigummi A/S Gummimedico
Gravlund Industrigummi A/S Teknisk gummi
Gravlund Industrigummi A/S Designgummi



From idea to product


Based on layouts and drawings, as well as more than 60 years of experience within the rubber industry, we discuss the design, functionality and choice on material.


We produce the products in our own facility in Ballerup, ensuring great flexibility throughout the process and enabling a short process from idea to product.  We offer production of both prototypes, as well as outturn sheets for approval prior to the final implementation.




We are experts in terms of rubber compound recommendations, based on a great network of rubber mixing plants in Europe alone, since high and stable rubber quality is our top priority.

We accept all order sizes, offering our clients maximum flexibility.


Together, we find the right solution!



Martin Berg, Technical Purchaser:

’Our R&D department has an excellent development dialogue with Gravlund Industrigummi, which provides valuable knowhow. The results of the partnership are efficient and robust product solutions. The company has a great fighting spirit and helps us reach our pro- ject goals, because the employees know how to assess us as clients and because they know how to utilize their extensive experience to our advantage. Based on their corporate competencies, flexibility and accurate logistics, we appreciate Gravlund Industrigrummi as a valuable and crucial partner.’





Stig Thorsen, Production Engineering, Teledyne Reson A/S:

‘Gravlund Industrigummi is a good and stable supplier. The company is very flexible and helpful in terms of solutions for complicated development projects, as well as flexible with respect to delivery for an ongoing production with a high level of quality.’



Jens-Christian Hyllested, Purchaser, RAIS A/S:

‘Gravlund is a solid and loyal supplier and partner. We appreciate their flexibility and ability to deliver the requested material. The supplied material is generally of sound and good uniform quality. We value the responsiveness of all employees at Gravlund, as well as their ability to provide us with help and guidance.’





Finn Christensen, Quality & Sourcing Manager,

Flowcon International:

‘We chose Gravlund Industrigummi because of their priceper-formance ratio. The company is solution-oriented and they are able to make part-deliveries when/if required.’







Natural rubber



Nitrilbutadien rubber (Nitrile rubber)



Ethylene-propylene-rubber (EPDM)



Flouride rubber (Viton)



Silicone rubber



Chloroprene rubber (Neoprene)


Butyl rubber



Styrene-butadiene rubber


Polyurethane rubber


Very elastic and wear-resistant.

Poor resistance to oils, organic fluids, heat and UV-radiation.


Very resistant to oils, grease and solvents.

Limited resistance to weather and UV-radiation.


Very resistant to UV-radiation, water and weather. Tolerates most chemicals.

Limited resistance to oil products.


Suitable for aggressive chemicals and extreme heat. Special compound.



Suitable for the food industry. Tolerates high temperatures.

Very weather-resistant, water-repellent and with good electrical isolation.


Good resistance to heat, UV-radiation and chemicals.


Suitable for impermeability, very resistant to weather, UV-radiation

and chemicals. Limited wear-resistance.


Very wear-resistant and good elasticity, good heat-resistance.


Very wear-resistant and good elasticity. Very resistant to weather

and UV-radiation.

























Primary rubber types


The table below contains all the primary rubber types included in our product range,

in order to provide an overview of how each rubber quality is suitable for a given project.

Each rubber type has unique features and each rubber group includes numerous variants, ex. fire-resistant rubber and FDA approved rubber for the food industry.  


We have a close partnership with the rubber mixing plants, enabling us to supply all the required documentation for the mixtures. We further collaborate with the Danish Technological Institute in terms of rubber tests.  



Since the choice of material is a crucial factor in terms of quality and durability of the rubber product, we always offer our clients advice on the most profitable rubber quality. The physical features of the rubber types are evaluated in terms of the environment in which the final product is applied. Further, the evaluation process takes costs into consideration.


Our recommendations base on detailed product knowhow of all rubber types. We collaborate exclusively with European mixing plants, in order to ensure uniform and high quality.

Technical rubber for all purposes 


Development of technical

rubber solutions for the industrial sector

The keywords to our daily work are Flexibility, Quality and Service.


We specialise in the following three services:

·  Production of custom-made rubber parts

·  Development of special technical solutions - from idea to product

·  Distribution of rubber sections from the Dutch company TPP


Credit rating

We have the highest credit rating classification in terms of credit quality, the AAA classification, guaranteeing our customers a reliable partner for the future.



We are currently formalising our internal procedures in a manage-ment system, which will be able to meet the requirements of our customers in terms of quality, environment and work environment management. The system will be certified in 2015.

We renew our TransQ certificate within the Transport sector annually.



Gravlund Industrigummi was founded 20 years ago with the acqui-sition of Søndergårds Industrigummi. In 2007, we further acquired JAPO Gummifabrik that was founded back in 1949, and the two

com-panies merged on the address in Ballerup. Thus, the company

is based on more than 60 years of experience within production of rubber parts.


Our company is expanding radically and we are preparing for the future in terms of structure, production facilities and organisation.




And let us find the right solution

Send an e-mail to info@gravlund.dk and attach a drawing, image or the like for us to be

able to visualise the project. We will review it and get back to you with a suitable proposal.


Tlf:   +45 4466 9830

Fax: +45 4466 7830

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For private customers: We are unfortunately not able to deliver certain products from stock.

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